Free Comic Book Day 2007 (Dark Horse)

The cover

"...But the Past Ain't Through With You" is the second short story in the Apocalypse Suite era. It was released on Free comic book day on 2007.


The story opens with 00.04 The Séance, 00.03 The Rumor, and 00.01 Spaceboy are standing over the dead body of the Rumor. The Séance scans the body and confirms it is indeed The Rumor, which confounds the team as to how The rumor can e dead and yet standing next to them. Spaceboy gets a call from the other members of the team about a Sea Serpent in Japan attacking.

Meanwhile the Murder Magician and The Assistant are on The Lucifer Clark Show, not only admitting to killing The Rumor, but unveiling their latest creation the Murderbot!

Inspector Lupo waits outside the studio for the arrival of the Umbrella Academy, who have defeated the Sea Serpent and have come to handle the Murder Magician.

The team engages the Murder Magician and his Murderbot and 00.02 The Kraken knocks out the villain, while Spaceboy, 00.06 The Horror, and The Séance handle the behemoth. The Rumor kills The Assistant by saying that the catwalk she was attempting to escape on was unstable, causing her to fall to her death.

The Monocle arrives and questions his students on the mystery of the two rumors. Spaceboy deduces that Rumor created a duplicate when she lied and said she was at the library when she was sneaking out with a Polynesian Knife-Thrower. The Monocle then reveals he told the Murder Magician where to find her to teach her a lesson.


00.01 Spaceboy

00.02 The Kraken

00.03 The Rumor

00.04 The Séance

00.06 The Horror

The Monocle

Inspector Lupo

Murder Magician


The Assistant

Sea Serpent

Lucifer Clark


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