Apocalypse Suite is the first volume in the Umbrella Academy comic book series. The story details the Umbrella Academy family's reunion for the funeral of their father, Sir Reginald Hargreeves.

Credits Edit

Story & Script: Gerard Way

Art: Gabriel Ba

Colors: Dave Stewart

Letters: Nate Piekos of Blambot

Editor: Scott Allie

Part One: The Day the Eiffel Tower Went Berserk Edit

At the same time that “Tusslin’ Tom” Gurney defeated the space-squid from Rigel X-7 with a flying atomic elbow in an exhibition wrestling match, forty-three children were spontaneously birthed around the world in a seemingly random occurrence, to women who’d previously shown no signs of pregnancy, most of them single. Most of the children that survived were subsequently abandoned or put up for adoption. Sir Reginald Hargreeves (also known by his codename, “The Monocle”), a renowned scientist, entrepreneur, Olympic fencer, Nobel laureate, and undercover extraterrestrial, rounded up as many of the children as he could track down, adopting seven of them. Hargreeves assigned the children codenames, 00.01 through 00.07, based on his estimation of each child’s power levels. When asked during a press conference why he had adopted the children, Hargreeves stated that he intended to save the world, although from what he would not say. Hargreeves then retreated from the public eye to raise the children, with no one laying an eye on them for years, until that fateful day the Eiffel Tower went berserk.

One morning in Paris ten years after the mysterious spontaneous birth of the children, things are proceeding normally until suddenly a body falls from the sky. While an inspector attempts to determine what has happened, another body falls to the ground, seemingly pushed from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Before the inspector can call for backup, the Umbrella Academy arrives—the children that Sir Reginald Hargreeves adopted ten years prior, now grown up and each in control of a unique power (save for Number Seven, who has still not shown any signs of any special abilities and so is kept on the sidelines). Number One tells the inspector that the Eiffel Tower has gone insane. The shocked inspector tells the children that they are insane if they think they can help. Number Three announces to the gathered crowd that she heard a rumor that a nearby museum is giving away its paintings, causing them to flee the scene in a demonstration of her power to alter reality by making statements.

Suddenly the Eiffel Tower shoots a beam of energy into the ground, nearly missing the children. Number One orders his siblings to spread out and attack, the children soaring into the air using their levitation belts. In Sir Hargreeves’ flying vessel the Minerva (powered by the mummified remains of King Amen-Kharej IV and piloted by Hargreeves’ bodyguard Abhijat), high above Paris, Number Seven watches her siblings battle the Eiffel Tower and asks Hargreeves why she can’t join them. Hargreeves coldly reminds her that she does not seem to have any special abilities, so she cannot join them. Number Seven asks Hargreeves where her brother Number Five has gone, as she can’t see him. Hargreeves tells her that he has probably jumped forward into the future to hide, as is his wont. Hargreeves suggests that Number Seven go practice her violin while he handles the situation at hand.

Down below, the top of the Eiffel Tower opens to reveal sinister looking machinery. Number Six clings to the top of the tower using the tentacles that extend from an interdimensional portal on his stomach, clutching his brother Number Four’s hand as he attempts to contact the spirit of a dead engineer who can help them, his levitation belt broken. Number Two tells them that the situation is dire and there’s no hope. Number One punches the Eiffel Tower with his considerable strength, knocking it to the ground. Number One leads the group to the control tower, where they find the zombie-robot Gustave Eiffel manning the controls. Without hesitation, Number Two throws a knife, hitting Gustave Eiffel in the eye and knocking him into the tower’s control panel, beginning the launch sequence. Number One orders his siblings to evacuate and the Eiffel Tower launches into space, as it was secretly a spaceship. Hargreeves lands and tells the children that even though they couldn’t prevent the loss of the Eiffel Tower they still saved the city, which means they get ice cream as a reward, as well as the key to the city. As the other children celebrate Hargreeves notices a longing look on Number One’s face. Hargreeves asks Number One what’s wrong; Number One tells him that he wants to go space too someday. Hargreeves tells him that he will.

Twenty years later, Number One stands on the surface of the moon, looking up at the Earth. Number One, thirty years old, now goes by the codename Spaceboy. His head has been grafted onto the body of a gorilla after a horrific accident on Mars left his body broken beyond repair. Spaceboy receives an alert from the Annihilation Control Center telling him that Dr. Pogo is on the line. Spaceboy tells the control center to hold the call while he heads back to base. Back at the control center, Spaceboy receives bad news from Dr. Pogo and arranges to head back to Earth for his father’s funeral.

In the City, Vanya Hargreeves (previously known as Number Seven) receives a phone call in the middle of the night. The caller tells her that her father Sir Reginald Hargreeves is dead. The caller tells Vanya that he’s not surprised by her lack of emotion, as she had written many unfavorable things about Hargreeves in her book about her time as the sole normal member of the Umbrella Academy. Vanya demands to know what the caller wants. He informs her that he is preparing to perform a suite and his chair for first violin has been vacated, and tells her that she can audition at noon the following day if she so wishes. The caller tells her that this will be an opportunity for her to get revenge on her family.

Outside the Umbrella Academy’s home, Spaceboy lands on the front lawn and walks towards the house, passing by the statue of their deceased brother Ben, also known as Number Six, also known as the Horror. Abhijat greets Spaceboy as he enters the house. There Spaceboy finds Dr. Pogo, a chimpanzee, whose entire species was elevated to human levels of intelligence by Sir Reginald Hargreeves as part of the work that earned him the Nobel Peace Prize. Dr. Pogo is accompanied by Number Five, who disappeared that fateful day the Umbrella Academy fought the Eiffel Tower. Number Five tells Spaceboy that the death of their father is only the beginning. Dr. Pogo informs Spaceboy that the rest of their surviving siblings will arrive tomorrow.

Part Two: We Only See Each Other at Weddings and Funerals Edit

Dr. Pogo wakes Spaceboy the following morning and tells him that his sister Allison has arrived (Allison, a.k.a. Number Three, a.k.a. the Rumor). Pogo tells Spaceboy that she’s been standing outside by the statue of Ben for quite a while and suggests that he go greet her. Spaceboy arrives outside where Allison is standing. She tells him that it wasn’t his fault that their brother Ben died, even though the others blame him. Allison points out that Spaceboy still uses his codename and wears the mask of their Umbrella Academy uniforms. Spaceboy awkwardly asks about Allison’s husband, but she tells him that they’re getting divorced and he’s getting their home and custody of their daughter. Allison tells Spaceboy that things change, making a point to refer to him by his name, Luther. Just then another of their siblings arrives, Klaus, a.k.a. Number Four, a.k.a. the Séance. Klaus, in his typical irreverent manner, states that he loves funerals because all the clothes he owns are black. Klaus flies into the house to find some coffee and Allison follows him, leaving Spaceboy standing next to Ben’s statue.

At the boardwalk in the City, a calm and pleasant morning is underway. Suddenly a number of terminauts appear, having teleported from somewhere, each identified with a number on its side. Terminaut Titus announces to the people that the boardwalk has been chosen as the best possible site to wreak havoc and goad the Umbrella Academy into intervening. When there is no response from the boardwalk patrons, Terminaut Brutus vaporizes several people on a carousel, inciting panic.

Number Five tells Spaceboy and Allison that their father Sir Reginald Hargreeves had always warned him about jumping too far ahead into the future. Number Five explains how he ignored his father’s advice and ended up far in the future, stuck in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Although at first he enjoyed the freedom that came with not having anyone around to tell him what to do, Number Five eventually wished to be back in the company of others. Number Five searched through an old library and found a book written by Vanya, their sister Number Seven, detailing how wrong things had gone, how their brother Number Six had died, and how the Umbrella Academy had failed. Number Five spent the next fifty years trying to figure out how to travel back in time, to no avail. Until one day, suffering from a psychotic break, he imagined a statue spoke to him, pointing out an error in his calculations, and thus he prepared to return to his own time, to the day his family fought the Eiffel Tower. However, during his travel backwards through time, he was pulled out of the timestream too soon and he did not back it back to that day. Spaceboy guesses that Hargreeve’s death may have had something to do with it. Their last surviving brother, Number Two, a.k.a. Diego, a.k.a. the Kraken, arrives and interrupts Number Five and tells him that he will have to double check the facts of his story. The others greet their brother and he tells them that the security cameras on the grounds mysteriously stopped working minutes before their father’s death, which he discovered was allegedly due to a heart attack, due to an autopsy he broke into the morgue to conduct. Spaceboy and the Kraken start arguing but Dr. Pogo arrives and tells him to stop, as it is time for their father’s funeral.

Per Sir Hargreeves’ instructions, the children put on their old Umbrella Academy costumes and gather around the coffin as it is brought to its intended grave. None of the children have anything to say, but their mother arrives and tells them that if their father had a fault, it was that he cared so much about the world that he was willing to sacrifice his personal relationships. Diego, the Kraken, walks up to their mother and rips off her coat, revealing her automated mannequin body, to her shame. Allison comforts their mother as Spaceboy warns Diego to cool off. Diego tells his siblings that everything Hargreeves told them was a lie and storms off, followed by the others. Dr. Pogo quietly lowers the coffin into its grave.

At the Icarus Theatre, Vanya arrives for her violin audition. She walks through the theatre and onto the stage when suddenly the house lights are turned on. A voice calls out for her to play something. Vanya warns the voice that she hasn’t even played her violin in twelve years, but she proceeds to play, effortlessly making beautiful music, until a string on her violin breaks. Applause fills the theatre. The lights adjust and she sees the members of the orchestra gathered in the seats, the conductor at their front. He introduces themselves as the Orchestra Verdammten, a collection of musicians who are all mad or murderers. The Conductor tells Vanya that he has written a new piece, the Apocalypse Suite, that when played correctly will destroy the world. He tells her that he wishes for her to help them perform the piece, but she tells him to find another violin and leaves the theatre. The Conductor tells his orchestra that she will be back, after suffering disappointment yet again at the hands of her family.

At the Umbrella Academy’s home, coffee and cake has taken a turn for the worse, breaking out into a fight between Spaceboy and the Kraken. Allison and Number Five follow behind them as the two take their fight onto the front lawn. Number Five urges the two to stop so that they can focus on the urgent matter at hand, reminding the others that in the future he learned that the world will end just three days after Hargreeves’ death. Dr. Pogo, from atop Klaus’ back, spots the carnival at the boardwalk, billowing smoke. Spaceboy realizes that Dr. Terminal’s Terminauts must be attacking, as they were programmed to do so should the Umbrella Academy ever reassemble, which means that their sister Vanya is nearby. The Kraken leaps into the river and swims towards the boardwalk while Spaceboy orders the others to head to the Televator.

The issue closes with a quote from Sir Reginald Hargreeves during his acceptance speech for the National Thallum Award: “In closing, I’d like to point out that I never intended to break the children, I merely sought to foster their potential which was unfortunately never that vast.”

Part Three: Dr. Terminal's Answer Edit

In a flashback, we see a young Number Three held captive by Dr. Terminal, gagged so that she cannot use her power to save herself. Dr. Terminal tells her that he suffers from a rare condition, Eisenstein Syndrome, which will eat his brain and nervous system if left unchecked, if not for the device he created that consumes matter and converts it into energy with which to feed the disease and prolong his fate. Dr. Terminal explains to Number Three that this is why he cut off her arm and fed it to his machine, as little girls taste better than most other things he consumes. Dr. Terminal explains that one day in the future, no matter if he has died or been exiled to Sir Hargreeve’s prison the Hotel Oblivion or whatever his fate, he has arranged for a surprise should the Umbrella Academy ever reform. Just then Number One punched through a wall and stopped Dr. Terminal from doing anything further to Number Three.

In the present, the Rumor stands in shock at the scene of carnage and destruction around them. Spaceboy urges her to get the children to safety as he battles one of Dr. Terminal’s Terminauts robots. Spaceboy knocks aside a Terminaut before it zaps the Rumor in her distracted state. The remaining Terminauts close in on Spaceboy, the Rumor, and the Séance. Across town, Vanya leaves the theatre in a taxi. As she takes her medication she notices the carnival on fire in the distance. Vanya tells the driver to head for the boardwalk.

In a hospital wing at the Umbrella Academy mansion, Number Five watches the news report on the attack taking place at the boardwalk. The newscaster states that eyewitnesses on-scene report that several members of the Umbrella Academy are fighting killer robots and the death toll has reached nine already. Number Five laments that he is not there helping his siblings, but Dr. Pogo tells him that until they figure out what is going on with Number Five, he should remain at home. Dr. Pogo tells Number Five that the tests indicate he has the biology of a healthy 60-year old man trapped in a ten-year old boy and his body has ceased aging, as if its stuck in time. Number Five dresses and prepares to leave, stating that even if he has all the time in the world, the world’s time is running out and he must search for clues if he’s to prevent its destruction. Mrs. Hargreeves tells Number Five that he shouldn’t go out alone but he tells her that, with all due respect, he is the oldest one in the room and while he appreciates the mothering and names she bestowed upon his siblings, he is more than capable of handling things. At the boardwalk, the Kraken is injured and has taken shelter temporarily inside the carnival’s haunted boat ride. The Kraken overhears two Terminauts closing in on him when he realizes there are children hiding inside the ride as well. Outside the ride, Spaceboy, Allison, and Klaus shelter behind some wreckage while protecting some carnival-goers. Klaus wishes that he’d stayed at the psychiatric hospital where he got sponge baths every day. Spaceboy orders Klaus to fly out and cause a diversion while the Rumor stays behind to protect the children, and Spaceboy leaps to attack the Terminauts.

In the haunted boat ride, the Kraken leaps out of the water and throws a knife at one of the Terminauts before it can kill the hiding children. The Terminaut blindly fires its laser and hits the other Terminaut and the two of them explode.

Outside, Vanya arrives and witnesses the scene of destruction. She calls out to Spaceboy but a Terminaut notices her and fires a volley of rockets at her. The Kraken leaps to her rescue, pushing her out of the way just in time. The Kraken berates her for showing up at the worst possible time, especially after abandoning him the last time they were together. Vanya tells the Kraken that she has something important to tell him. The Kraken tells her that he doesn’t want to hear it and tells her to leave before she gets them all killed. Vanya bursts into tears and leaves.

With all the Terminauts destroyed, the Umbrella Academy reassembles, minus Vanya. Spaceboy tells the others that this was all just a waste of time and is completely unrelated to the impending doom.

At the Icarus Theatre, the Conductor shoots a musician in the head for playing a wrong note. Vanya arrives and asks if there’s still an opening for her. She vows to giver her family a performance they never forget.

Part Four: Baby, I'll Be Your Frankenstein Edit

At the Umbrella Academy mansion, eighteen years before the present day, Number Seven runs down the hall, screaming that she hates Hargreeve’s and doesn’t belong there. Dr. Pogo asks her why she’s upset; she tells him that she doesn’t have any special abilities like the others. Pogo tells her that she’s not like the others because she doesn’t have to destroy things to prove who she is.

At the Icarus Theatre in the present day, Vanya lies on an operating table overseen by the Conductor of the Orchestra Verdammten. Vanya is beginning to panic as the Conductor’s underlings hook-up various machines. The Conductor explains that he secretly obtained Hargreeves’ notes on Vanya, which revealed that she is the most powerful and dangerous member of the Umbrella Academy. The Conductor tells Vanya that Hargreeves had discovered how to unlock her true potential, and the Conductor is going to use her potential to perform the Apocalypse Suite and destroy the world. The Conductor activates the machine connected to Vanya’s body and she is bombarded by energy.

Elsewhere in the City, Number Five and Dr. Pogo use levitator belts to fly around in search of clues. Number Five tells Pogo to keep an eye out for burning buildings, explosions, people on fire, anything that would indicate the start of the apocalypse. Pogo asks Number Five if he ever had reason to question his sanity after spending fifty years in isolation. Number Five tells Pogo that he had considered that, but decided that he had to act as if the threat is real, just in case. He tells Pogo that even though the people of Earth have accused Hargreeves and the Umbrella Academy of repeatedly raising false alarms, he has to try to save the world.

Vanya is undergoing a transformation at the hands of the Conductor. Vanya feels immense pain but it begins to feel pleasurable. In a fever dream Vanya wishes to tell her brothers and sisters that she’s sorry. The Conductor orders the voltage turned up and the transfusion is completed. Vanya tells the Conductor that she hears a sound like angels suffocating, and it is beautiful. Spaceboy, Allison, and Klaus arrive back at the Umbrella Academy in the Televator. Spaceboy calls out Allison for freezing under pressure. They run into the Kraken, just arrived home as well, tending to his injuries, and Spaceboy points out that if he would work as part of the team he probably wouldn’t get hurt as much. The Kraken questions Spaceboy’s leadership and Spaceboy accuses the Kraken of acting out because their father didn’t love them. The Kraken counters that Spaceboy is still trying to prove himself to their father, even after they laid him to rest. Spaceboy tells the Kraken that he’s been pretending that Vanya loved him. The Kraken storms off without another word, and Spaceboy tells the others he’s leaving as well to go on patrol. Allison tells Spaceboy that he can’t go alone and she and Klaus are going with him. At a diner in the City, Number Five and Dr. Pogo order coffee. Number Five has spoken to the press about the imminent destruction of Earth, but they take little heed as a result of the Umbrella Academy’s many false alarms in the past. Three men in yellow jumpsuits bearing the word “TEMPOS” and multiple watches a piece enter the diner and ask for the one called Number Five. Number Five asks who wants to know.

At the Icarus Theatre, the Conductor of the Orchestra Verdammten grandstands before his assembled musicians. The Conductor introduces his orchestra to his new creation, the White Violin. Vanya emerges onto the stage from behind a curtain, her body transformed by the Conductor’s work based on Hargreeves’ notes. She now resembles the white violin handed to her by one of the damned musicians. Vanya sets her instrument at the ready. She puts the bow to the strings, and with a single, quiet note, the Conductor is torn in half, the two halves of his body crumpling to the floor. Vanya faces the other orchestra members and addresses them, telling them to gather their instruments and prepare to destroy the Umbrella Academy and the world.

Part Five: "Thank You for the Coffee" Edit

Inside the diner where Number Five and Dr. Pogo were previously having coffee, the police investigate the scene of a crime. The lead investigator, Lupo, asks the woman working the counter, Agnes, what she remembers about the incident that took place. Agnes tells Lupo, despite her thoroughly shaken state, about the little boy and the chimpanzee that had come in for coffee early that morning, and the strangely dressed men who’d come looking for the boy. Agnes tells Lupo that the boy had approached the men and killed them all, leaving behind a bloodbath. Lupo thanks Agnes for her time and heads out to his car. As Lupo sits down and lights a cigarette, the Kraken, sitting in his backseat, tells him that smoking will be the death of him. Lupo is understandably startled by the Kraken’s sudden appearance. The Kraken asks Lupo what happened at the diner and Lupo tells him. Lupo asks if the Kraken knows anything about the main suspect, a boy in a black school uniform. Kraken tells Lupo that he’ll find out what he can, but first he needs a lead for his own case. Lupo tells him that there’s been a trail of missing concert musicians over the past few years, especially violinists. Lupo remembers that the Kraken’s sister Vanya is a violinist but when he looks back, the Kraken is gone.

At the Umbrella Academy, Dr. Pogo brings Number Five a cup of coffee while he searches for Hargreaves’ revolver, so that he can kill himself before the apocalypse happens. Number Five finds Hargreaves’ old monocle and pockets it, then broaches the subject of the massacre at the diner. Number Five assures Pogo that it was just a group of “ruffians out joyriding for kicks”, but Pogo can tell Number Five is lying. Number Five tells Pogo that the story of how he traveled back in time is more complicated than he first let on, and he had do many unsavory things to get back to his own time. Number Five tells Dr. Pogo that he was involved in some way with the Kennedy assassination but as he is trying on Hargreeves’ monocle he has a vision of the traumatic experiments performed on Pogo to increase his intelligence and he collapse to the floor.

Spaceboy and the Rumor drink coffee on a rooftop in the City, looking out over the surrounding area. Rumor has put her Umbrella Academy mask back on in an effort to feel more like part of the team she was once a member of. Spaceboy asks her if she can still use her powers and she accuses him of caring about nothing else. Rumor tells Spaceboy that she’s preoccupied with her daughter, wondering what she’s up to at the moment. Spaceboy points out that with his condition, it is hard for him to relate to normal everyday matters, so the best thing for him to do is focus on doing what they were trained to do—saving the world. Rumor leans in and whispers in Spaceboy’s ear that she heard a rumor he’d wanted to kiss her since he was eight years old. The two share a passionate kiss. Rumor tells Spaceboy that she’s scared of what’s going to happen. Klaus arrives as Spaceboy tells her that they should be afraid.

In the City, the Kraken slips through the window into Vanya’s apartment. He finds that she’s not at home, and sees the note she wrote to herself about the audition at the Icarus Theatre.

Outside the Umbrella Academy’s mansion, Vanya returns to her family’s home, herself now transformed by the Conductor into the White Violin, an instrument of terrible destruction. She orders her musicians to provide background music while she plays a single solitary note that blows out every window in the house. Inside the house Dr. Pogo ducks for cover. With another single note, Vanya slices the statue of Ben in half. Pogo screams in horror from an upstairs window overlooking the front lawn. Vanya looks up at Pogo and tells him that he was right about her, she is special. She plays a note on her violin and Pogo’s brains are blown out of his head. Number Five catches the tail end of Vanya’s performance and is intrigued. He sees Pogo’s dead body lying on the ground and mourns for his fallen friend. Just then Spaceboy, the Rumor, and the Séance arrive and ask Number Five what’s happened.

As Number Five fills in his siblings, a newspaper delivery truck drops off the day’s paper, its headline stating what a lovely day it promises to be.

Part Six: Finale (or, Brothers and Sisters, I am an Atomic Bomb) Edit

Number Five details how he had been laying in bed when he’d heard an explosion, and rushed to see what was going on, and found Pogo’s body. He tells his siblings that he could see Vanya for what she truly was using Hargreeves’ old monocle, he could see her transformation and her role in the end of the world. At the Icarus Theatre, Vanya and her orchestra of damned musicians warm up to play the Apocalypse Suite.

As the orchestra begins playing the Apocalypse Suite, the Umbrella Academy rushes to stop Vanya. Spaceboy, the Rumor, and Number Five prepare to assault the Icarus Theatre while the Séance departs in the televator to enact another part of their plan. The Kraken, acting on his own, sneaks into the theatre and climbs into the rafters. Kraken manages to get the drop on Vanya and holds a knife to her throat, telling her to stop. Vanya tells the Kraken that she knows he won’t kill her, because she loves him. She plucks a string on her violin and he’s sent reeling backwards, slamming into a wall. Spaceboy finds Kraken and tells him to stop running off by himself. Vanya approaches her gathered siblings and jokes that they’ve finally shown up to one of her recitals. She tells them how nervous she was her first time, and how Pogo was the only one to attend.

Rumor tries to use her reality-altering powers but before she can finish a sentence Vanya plays a slashing note on her violin and Rumor’s throat is cut from end to end, spilling blood. Spaceboy rushes to help Rumor while Kraken and Number Five attempt to flank Vanya. Vanya orders the musicians who have a break to attack her siblings; Number Five and Kraken make short work of them. Number Five pleads with Spaceboy to help them before they’re overrun but he flees with the Rumor to get her first-aid before she bleeds out.

Just then the Séance arrives, channeling their deceased father Sir Reginald Hargreaves and accompanied by composer Igor Stravinsky, the Manchester Children’s Orchestra, and a few members of the Ube tribe, to play Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring at a specific tempo, thus counteracting Vanya’s Apocalypse Suite.

A T.V. at the Huxley County General Hospital struggles to continue broadcasting the news of the destruction taking place downtown. Spaceboy stumbles in, Rumor’s body in his arms, and demands someone give her medical attention.

At the Icarus Theatre, Vanya has been distracted by the appearance of her father (albeit via a surrogate) and her musicians demand she continue playing the piece with them. The Séance-as-Hargreeves tells Stravinsky to keep conducting the children and tribe members in playing their piece to keep the effects of the Apocalypse Suite at bay. Vanya tells Hargreeves that she isn’t just throwing a tantrum, she’s destroying the world. Hargreeves tells Vanya that she was a disappointment as a child and an embarrassment as an adult, and that she is and will always be a failure. The Kraken interrupts and tells Vanya not to listen to him, that even though all they ever wanted from their father was love, all he ever gave them despair. Vanya asks if now they’re all going to go home and live happily ever after. Number Five shoots her in the head and tells her no.

The Séance reveals that he was just pretending to be Hargreeves, as their father was too difficult and stubborn to channel, and expresses interest in getting into acting or performance art. Vanya, lying on the ground bleeding, tells them that it’s too late to stop the apocalypse, that even though they ruined the concert the piece will still come to a finale. A low rumble crescendoes louder and louder until they see a massive chunk of the moon careening towards the earth. Moments before impact the Séance uses his telekinesis to stop it in place. Even the Séance is surprised that he was powerful enough to save them.

Medical professionals save the Rumor’s life, but due to her injuries she will never speak again. In an ironic twist, Spaceboy finally receives a distress signal from the Annihilation Control Center when the acoustic vibrations emanating from the Icarus Theatre shook the moon so hard pieces of it broke off. Vanya is also transported to the hospital just in time to save her life, although the doctors said she’d likely never play the violin again. Inspector Lupo apprehends the members of the Orchestra Verdammten, all wanted for various crimes. The televator was malfunctioning so the Umbrella Academy hitch a ride back home with two piano movers. When they arrive home they see the reason the televator was not working—the Eiffel Tower, launched into space all those years ago, had crash landed on their house, destroying it. The Umbrella Academy picks itself up and resumes business as usual, which Spaceboy does by making himself a sandwich.

Gallery Edit

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