Dallas is the second volume in The Umbrella Academy series. It is comprised of six issues and one short story. It focuses on 00.05 The Boy's involvement with the Kennedy Assassination.


Story & Script: Gerard Way

Art: Gabriel Ba

Colors: Dave Stewart

Letters: Nate Pieko of Blambot

Editor: Scott Allie

Part One: The JungleEdit

Seventeen years before current events (around the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis), Sir Reginald Hargreeves meets at the White House with President John F. Kennedy, who has requested the Umbrella Academy’s help with a crisis—the statue of Abraham Lincoln from the Lincoln Memorial has come to life and is rampaging across the Washington D.C. mall. The Lincoln statue blasts beams of energy from its mouth, prompting the children of the Umbrella Academy to fall back and regroup. Dr. Pogo arrives with a bag of dynamite and asks Number One where to put it. Number Three, in Lincoln’s clutches, tells the others that she’s going to handle the situation. She tells Lincoln that she heard a rumor he was assassinated and out of nowhere an equally large statue of John Wilkes Booth appears, wielding a pistol, and shouts “Sic semper tyrannis!” and shoots Lincoln in the head before fleeing. Hargreeves arrives and is impressed by the turn of events. The children however are disappointed when they do not get any ice cream for a job well done.

In the present day, a milkman makes a delivery outside the burned husk of the Umbrella Academy mansion. Abhijat, the Umbrella Academy family valet, emerges from a hatch beside the ruins of the house, picks up the bottles of milk, and descends back into the fallout shelter hidden beneath the ground. Down below, Spaceboy eats cookies and watches Celebrity Surgery while Abhijat hands him a fresh bottle of milk. Spaceboy asks Abhijat to call the Séance and ask him to buy more cookies on his way home.

The Séance, getting his hair and nails done at the salon, receives a phone call from the Umbrella Academy house. He tells the person on the other line that he’s too famous to go to the grocery store anymore ever since he saved the world from total destruction, and that Spaceboy should get the Rumor to buy more cookies.

Elsewhere in the Umbrella Academy’s underground shelter, Rumor asks Vanya, now the White Violin, if she’s awake, using a notepad as her vocal cords were severed when they fought at the Icarus Theatre. Vanya, who’s lost many of her memories, asks Rumor if she’s her sister. Rumor tells Vanya that they are, although through adoption. Vanya tells Rumor that her doctors said she may regain the use of her limbs with time. Rumor throws Vanya into a wheelchair and rushes her into the Observation Room, straps her in place, and turns on the news, still covering the recent near-destruction of Earth. The aftereffects of the catastrophe are still being felt all over the City and the death toll continues to rise.

At a Perseus Corporation construction site downtown, part of the ongoing effort to rebuild the city, the Kraken is working over a drug dealer who may have information on the triple homicide that took place at Costello’s Diner. The man tells Kraken that all he remembers is three men in strange-looking jumpsuits and laser guns being fired. The Kraken breaks the man’s arm and leaves.

Outside the Umbrella Academy’s burnt house, a memorial for Dr. Pogo has been erected and Rumor stands beside it, contemplating. The children’s adopted mother walks up to her and tells her that Number Five had the statue built while Rumor went to visit her daughter, to help him process Pogo’s death. The broken statue of their dead brother Ben still lies in the grass, growing moss. Mother tells Rumor that she saw how she left Vanya, and reminds her that Vanya wasn’t herself when she tried to destroy the world. Mother tells Rumor to stop having a pity party and be productive like Number Five.

Number Five is at the racetrack betting on greyhounds. His dog loses and he walks out to his car in the parking lot. As he pulls his keys out of his pocket an entire squadron of men in TEMPOS jumpsuits point their guns at him. Number Five asks what they’re doing, as it is not standard operating procedure of the Temps Aeternalis to make such a scene. One of the Temps Aeternalis agents tells Number Five that their bosses want Number Five to finish the job he’d started, and that they were ordered to bring him in or kill him. Number Five activates his levitation belt, pulls the agent into the air with him and gouges his eyes out. The other agents down below begin firing. Number Five is able to dodge their bullets by making micro jumps forward in time. He summons his AK-47 from the trunk of his car and it flies into his hand. Number Five returns fire and kills many of the Temps agents, then gets in the seat of his car and crashes it into more of them, leaping clear of the explosion at the last second. Number Five declares that no tiger can hope to catch the gazelle in the jungle. One of the agents, with their last dying breath, radios their headquarters to send in Agents Hazel and Cha Cha. Number Five shoots the agent and with a look of horror on his face says, “We’re already dead.”

Part Two: Boy ScoutsEdit

Part Three:Edit

Part Four:Edit

Part Five:Edit

Part Six:Edit

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