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The titular line of the story

Mon Dieu! Is the title of the first short story in the Umbrella Academy series. The title is French for "My God!" and is a quote in the story. It was created by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá for Free Comic Book Day in 2007 to create intrest in their impending series.


The story takes place during the Apocalypse Suite era (the original mansion still stands with a statue of The Horror in front) where 00.05 The Boy and 00.04 The Séance are in a lab and The Séance is attached  to many machines. The Boy explains that he can now no longer use his powers in fear that he will de-age himself to infancy, so he has decided to attempt to send The Séance through time. The Séance ends up on a battlefield in France during the Middle Ages as a commander when a soldier tells him that they are losing the battle and must regroup and wait for reinforcements. Both are then killed by a cannon blast, which causes The Séance to reappear in the present (some time after his initial trip), and when The Boy asks what happened 00.06 exclaims "Mon Dieu!" 


00.05 The Boy

00.04 The Séance

00.06 The Horror (Statue)

Martian Ape (Deceased)


"Commandant! Nous ne pouvons pas tenir les soutiens! Nous devons regrouper et devons attendre des renforcements--" = "Commander! We can not hold the support! We need to regroup and have to wait for reinforcements--"

"Arrière-Moi, les frerés de France!" = "Back Me, brothers of France!"

"Ne pas vous géner mourant! Si nous tenons notre sol--" = "Do Not being bothered dying! If we hold our ground --"

"Un moment --!" = "Wait a minute --!"


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