"Insufferable, narcissistic creature, but extremely useful. Prevaricates with appalling ease."
—The Monocle[src]

Allison Hargreeves, codenamed The Rumour has the power of reality manipulation through lying. If she says anything that is not true then reality will adjust so that it is. She wears a black and red outfit with her logo, the letter R and a question mark merged together.

She married and had a daughter, but was divorced and her husband got full custody of their daughter. She and Spaceboy are known to have feelings for each other. However, it seems evident that she may be abusing her power on Spaceboy to help cope with her divorce.

It is seen in The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite that as a child, she lost an arm to Dr. Terminal, the villain who built a machine to eat matter to save him from Einstein Syndrome. It is unknown how she ends up with two arms again.

In Apocalypse Suite, her vocals cords were destroyed by the White Violin, and while she was saved from the huge neck injury she suffered, she would not be able to speak again.

However in The Umbrella Academy: Dallas, she underwent surgeries by the Temps Aeternalis, who repaired her vocal cords and lost hand. This surgery was not of free will, she had to cooperate with the Temps and 00.05 to kill John F. Kennedy, since agents of the Temps threatened to kill the mother of both 00.05 and Spaceboy.

In the short story "...But The Past Ain't Through With You", she is found dead in an alleyway, while simultaneously standing over her dead body. She was killed by the Murder Magician after he received a tip of Hargreeves. It is revealed at the end of the story a lie of hers had manifested into another version of herself.

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